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The Instagram Opportunity

For best results, consider running ads on Instagram alongside Facebook. Instagram ads uniquely target Millennials, which make them very effective.
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Facebook Video Ads for Real Estate Agents

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Here's how Homesnap can produce superior
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Eye-Catching Video Ads

Pick your favorite video ad design and we'll localize it for each ZIP code. Your video ads will be refreshed weekly.

Optimized Lead Pages

Pick your favorite landing page design and we'll optimize it for lead capture. All designs look great on web and mobile.

Automatic Budgeting

Pick your target ZIP codes and set your daily marketing budget. We'll optimize your budget to maximize your ROI.

Real-Time Reporting

Plus, your video ad campaign includes performance and demographic reporting. Leads are tracked and delivered via email.

Why should I use your service instead of placing the ad myself?

You can certainly place an ad through your own Facebook account, but there are many benefits to using our service. First, we offer a variety of video design options so you don't need to worry about creating your own graphics. Our system automatically pulls in data and images from your MLS to create a video that is specific to you and your activity as an agent. This data is updated weekly to keep your ad fresh and relevant. Text suggestions for each copy line are pre-filled for you, so you can move forward with our default text or edit it according to your marketing plan. Plus, video ads come with a free lead capture page, which is used as the landing page when someone clicks on your ad.

Your ad spend is based on a daily budget and billed monthly. You will always know how much you will be billed for this service, so you can easily budget out your expenses.

We also offer Instagram ad placement in addition to the Facebook campaigns, and you can make this selection within the same order so you don't need to place separate orders. We create the Instagram graphics for you, too. The ad placement on Facebook is done under the Homesnap brand, and many agents like having that brand association on their ads.

Finally, the entire program is automated. We take care of everything for you after you place the order (ZIP targeting, performance optimization, routing leads), and then provide you with a report dashboard so you can track results.

What is a 'Saturation Score'?

Homesnap's Saturation Score is an indication of how well-penetrated your campaign is against the available audience. A low Saturation Score means you've spread yourself thin, while a very high Saturation Score means that you will have a very heavy presence in your target ZIP codes. As you slide the scale, consider adding more budget to increase your reach or remove some ZIP codes to help your money go further.

Why don't I see my ad?

One thing that is important to keep in mind with Facebook advertising is that just because you don't see the ad organically on your feed does not mean it's not running. Facebook optimizes ads based on users' behavior, so it may not be showing you the ad based on how often you personally interact with ads, for example. You can always access a link to your ad on your campaign report page.

How does the budget connect to clicks and impressions?

Facebook's bidding algorithm and our budget rebalancing tool operate automatically to achieve the best results for each individual campaign. Since Facebook's platform operates as a continuous bidding platform to determine the cost each time the ad is shown, every campaign is going to deliver different results.

Can I change my selections at any time? How long does it take for my updates to go into effect?

Yes, you can change the ad design, lead page, target ZIP codes, ad copy, Instagram selection and even your monthly budget at any time. Simply go to and log in to your Homesnap account. On that order page, any selections you make, including budget changes, will be reflected in your current campaign within one business day.

When am I billed?

When you place your order, the credit card you provide will be billed immediately and then every month thereafter on the anniversary of that date.

What happens if I increase/decrease my monthly budget before the end of the month?

Your change in budget will go into effect immediately. If you increase your budget, we will charge the difference to your credit card and increase the ad spend on Facebook. If you decrease your budget, you will receive a credit for the difference, which will be applied toward the following month's payment. The ad spend on Facebook will also be decreased at that time.

You will receive a change confirmation receipt when you make an update to your monthly spend.

How can I change the card that is being billed?

To update your billing information, please contact our support team at or by calling 800-431-5509.

Why can't I select some of the designs?

Some of the video ad designs require a minimum number of transactions (listings or sales) within the past 24 months in order to have enough content to create the video ad. If you know you have more than the minimum requirement but are unable to select the design, please contact our support team at or by calling 800-431-5509 and one of our advisors can help.

How often are the ads updated?

All video ads are eligible for weekly updates if there is new data available. For example, if you select the Parade of Homes design and post a new listing near the ZIP codes your ad is targeting, then that listing will be added to your ad campaign the next time your ad is scheduled to be updated.

The Market Guide design will always update each week. The points on the graph compare weekly data across months. For example, if the current week is the second week in August, then the stats displayed for the other months on the graph are for the second week of those months as well.

Do I need a Facebook account to run an ad?

You do not need a Facebook account. The video ads are placed using the Homesnap business account and are in no way associated with your Facebook account (if you do have one).

Can I run a video ad concurrently with the listing and sale ads that Homesnap also offers?

Absolutely. You run them concurrently, and you can also have an active Subscribe & Save account for all of your listings and sales while running video ads. Read more about the Subscribe & Save program for listings and sales.

How do I know how my ad performed?

Your daily report email will have high level stats on each campaign, and you'll be able to click through to see more detailed stats. In addition, you can always find your report dashboard by going into the Homesnap app on your phone, clicking on the Me tab and then clicking on the Facebook Ads Dashboard link. On the mobile website, you can click on the Menu icon at the top left, click on My Shortcuts and then click on My Facebook Ads Report.

Will I be able to post my ad to my own wall?

Yes. From your ad campaign report page, you will have a link at the upper right to take you directly to your ad on Facebook. From there you can share to your Facebook page or wall.

Can I run my ad on any other platform?

Yes. You can also run your Facebook campaign on Instagram. Instagram has 400 million users and is a perfect platform for gorgeous, professional real estate photos. Your Instagram campaign will feature custom square graphics to maximize the available space in an Instagram ad.

Do you guarantee how many ad views I will receive?

No. We make every effort to maximize the quality and quantity of the audience that your ad reaches. Ad views are going to vary widely based on a number of factors, including the timing of when your ad runs, how large or small the zip codes are and how many other advertisers are competing for the same people in your target audience.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting our support team at or by calling 800-431-5509. Your ad campaign will run through the remainder of the month and will not renew after that.

Is my credit card secure?

Yes, we use a well-known third party for credit card processing. We don't hold any credit card numbers here at Homesnap.

What is Homesnap's fee for this service?

There is no fee on top of what you pay for each package. Homesnap keeps a portion of the spend as its payment.